Macro Photography: Sea Anemone

May 21, 2019
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May 21, 2019 Tyler Carroll

Macro Sea Anemones!

A unique perspective of something you see at the beach all the time. They tend to stick to rocks, ship wreckage and other firm objects in the ocean or sea. They wait for marine life to pass within reach of their tentacles which have stingers which are poisonous. The tentacles guide the captured fish or other marine life into the sea anemone’s mouth. Sea anemones are considered to be carnivores and some species can live as long as 50 years.

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Tyler Carroll

Tyler Carroll is an Alumni of Cal Poly Pomona with a Degree in Business Administration and Computer Information Systems. He previously sold his shares in an Online Arbitrage Company he started in college that grossed over 1.3m in less than 2 years. Since his resignation, he has travelled South America Solo for 3 months marketing Drone services along the way which pivoted into passion for media creation. Media, Entrepreneurship and Tech has been Tyler's passion for years. He served as President of an Entrepreneurship club at Cal Poly and enjoys spending his time collaborating with creators and business owners.

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