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Endurance Testing the Strength of Paint Protection Film.

Self-Healing? Let's see what this stuff can recover from!

Informative Commercial Content


1st test – STAIN CLEAN UP – We do a side-by-side comparison using Acrylic Paint to demonstrate the effectiveness of Paint Protection Film and how much easier it is to clean despite hard stains that are almost impossible to remove without damaging paint such as spray paint or baked bird droppings.

2nd test – SELF HEALING CAPABILITY – We take it to the next level by exploring the self-healing capabilities of PPF testing it’s claim to fame.
Does it really get rid of all scratches?
Will it hold up to a rock?

3rd test – HEAVY ROCK SCRAPING AND GRINDING – Surely PPF can’t protect your bodies paint against a 4 pound rock impact and friction without piercing… We had to find out for ourselves.

BONUS – REAL CUSTOMER CAR ACCIDENTS – Watch to the end to see real Ghost Shield customer examples of how paint protection film and save you a lot of money in the event of an accident!

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What is Paint Protection Film?

Self Healing Film with an amazing warranty and strength. It comes in clear and matte. The matte gives car a whole new look, and reflects light more similar to vinyl.

Ghost Shield Film is the best Award-Winning PPF installer in California. Located in Thousand Oaks. I visit there often and am consistently impressed with their work.


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