LugCraft iPhone Cases

Made from real Bamboo. A refined product that makes a great gift for any Dad.

We cover them all.

Different Shots for different applications.

Made in America, Engraved in Moorpark, CA.

Create One-Page or Multi-Page websites easily by using the Visual Composer per Drag & Drop or use shortcodes. It’s up to you!

Types of Product Photography

It starts with excellent photos.

We have created an awesome content that will help designers, developers and companies create websites, social media ads, and Google ads for their startups quickly and easily.

How We Work

Product Shots can vary greatly.

However it’s usually a mix of what is all too familiar as we see it all the time.

Usually we start with the Website Shots.

Your well-lit product on a white background. Our Designers cut your product image out of the picture so we can use them in composites. We can also ensure the background is pure white this way so it matches with your webpage exactly so they appear as if they are floating in space on the page. We ensure consistency  across all your products to guarantee uniformity on your page.


Product Group Shots or Lifestyle Shots should exhibit textures, color themes, or otherwise relate to the scene itself.


This forms cohesion and sends a clear message to the consumer quickly.

For the People

Lugcraft is known for their high-perscion  laser-engraved decorative Skateboards. You really need to see and touch it to appreciate the craftsmanship of these fine products.

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