Marshall Goldman: Jason meets Pilot Chuck

Jason heads up to Camarillo to spend some time with Jet Broker Chuck Smith to discuss aircrafts, Rolls Royces, and even get to check out a Beachcraft King Air 200!


Why Should you create Long Form Content.

Did you know that the YouTube Algorithm favors long form content?

What does that mean?

Long Form Content can be described as videos 10 minutes or greater.

You may have heard YouTube creators mention that they prefer to upload videos that are 10 minutes or notice that the seem to be drawing out the video towards the end to get to the 10-minute mark.

That’s because contrary to popular beliefs some people prefer to invest in their time in longer forms of content especially if its educational or informative.

Knowing this Youtube will recommend longer form content to more people. It also creates a better environment for story telling and narrative.


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Jason and Chuck realized that there is some overlap in their target audience and wanted to create a piece of content for “cross-marketing” purposes.


Who is Marshall Goldman.

For over 41 years, Marshall Goldman Motor Sales has built an international reputation of providing the very finest examples of vintage, collectible and exotic motorcars to the automotive community.  Our inventory of over 250 vintage, collectible and exotic cars is undoubtedly the largest collection anywhere in North America.  For over four decades, to view this incredible assortment of motorcars, you would need to travel to Cleveland, Ohio.   Until now…

Marshall Goldman Motor Sales is very proud to announce the opening of our second location, right in the heart of Beverly Hills, California.  Located on Wilshire Boulevard, just blocks away from the world-famous Rodeo Drive, this is a dealership like no other.  Our brand new, 37,000 square foot facility is designed for the serious automotive enthusiast!  The inventory is simply shocking.  From vintage Porsches and Ferraris, to modern day hypercars, to premium daily drivers, there is something for every collector or enthusiast.


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