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Sunsweet Amazin Prune Juice Shots Commercial

Wake up and smell the ...Prune Juice?

A interesting Video Effects Project.

This fluid was clear before.

The Color of the liquid inside this bottle was clear before. It looked no different than water. The company added a new flavor, and the new color was purple.

Instead of re-shooting we decided to reach out to one of our VFX and Advanced editors. Within 4 days we replaced all the shots with what appears to be real purple fluid meaning all that color was added by us in post.

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"Can you make the Clear Fluid, Purple?"


For the People

Visual effects (VFX) is a term used to describe imagery created, manipulated, or enhanced for any film, or other moving media that cannot take place during live-action shooting. VFX is the integration between actual footage and this manipulated imagery to create realistic looking environments for the context.

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